• Pre Retirement Planning

    Asset Accumulation Calculator

    Projects assets at retirement in either nominal or today’s dollars for individuals under the age of 55.

    Multi Year TTR Calculator

    A TTR strategy projection that shows the gain in account value over a number of years.

    Transition to Retirement Calculator

    A TTR strategy projection for the 2012-13 year that allows precise optimisation of the drawdown percentage.

  • Post Retirement Planning

    Multi Year Age Pension Optimiser

    For retirees above pension age can be used to ensure maximum entitlement is obtained subject to capital usage constraints. Also useful to show sources of retirement income.

    Age Pension Calculator

    Calculates an estimate of age pension entitlements to check current rate being paid by Centrelink.

    Survivorship Calculator

    Calculates both single and joint life survival probabilities to assist in planning required payment duration in retirement.

    Life Expectancy Progression Calculator

    How the anticipated age at death advances with the passage of time for survivors. Used for rebalancing strategy.

    Capital Usage Forecaster - Asset Exhausted

    When will the money run out. Can be used to calculate sustainable level of payment for the buffer approach.

  • Investment Management

    Property Calculator 2011/12

    Limited recourse loan vs direct

  • Administration Tools

    Minimum Required Pension Calculator

    Calculates the minimum required for an account based pension

    Year End Allocations

    Apportions expenses, taxes and earnings amongst members

    Anti Detriment Calculator

    Calculations based on the ATO ID 2010/5 formula