Retirement Planning

We can assist you to prepare for retirement by helping you to restructure and more effectively organise your assets to optimise their long term after-tax income benefits.

If you are looking for a tax effective wealth accumulation strategy that provides flexibility and control of your retirement investment affairs then a Western Advisory Retirement Income Plan could be for you.

By optimally structuring your retirement savings arrangements you can achieve significant gains.

A personally tailored Retirement Income Plan prepared by us will provide you with a comprehensive document that clearly sets down the actions you will need to take to tax-effectively structure your income in retirement. These include:

  • Strategies to optimise the structure of your Superannuation account balances and personal assets, for income tax purposes;
  • Recommendations on the type and structure of your Superannuation Pensions and a projection of your income streams in retirement;
  • Assessment of your eligibility to access Centrelink Benefits;
  • Assessment of the impact of Income Tax on your retirement income and capital;
  • A review of the Estate Planning implications of the structure of your retirement capital
  • Cashflow analysis providing projections & modelling based on retirement income needs